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Many months into the COVID-19 pandemic, we can safely say that nearly every aspect of life has been turned upside down, and nowhere is that more apparent than in retail. We now have new definitions of 'busy' shopping areas, 'packed' restaurants, and 'bustling' high streets. Even in cities that are (technically) in Phase 3, customers have changed their shopping habits, shifting their money away from local stores or not spending at all. 


However ... "Shop Local": A Trend Helping Small Businesses

The drastic evolution of consumer spending habits may send shivers down the spine of many of our fellow Clarkston businesses... 

But there's good news too. 

Even with browsing the shop almost out of the picture and some storefronts shut in the short term, research suggests that shoppers still have a desire to shop locally. According to a Next door survey, 72% of members believe they will make use of a local businesses more often during, and indeed, after this crisis. 

People actually do want to support their local businesses. That includes purchasing their favourite craft beer at the local brewery, a blouse on the main street ... and even a beautifully crafted piece of jewellery : ). From anecdotal evidence since we returned to trade, shoppers seem willing to go out of their way to do so via online enquiries, doorstop pickup and/or delivery. 


Benefiting from the "Shop Local" Trend

Jumping on the bus or train to head into Glasgow City Centre is becoming less attractive. We are seeing many of our clients explaining that it's not the same anymore.  

#ShopLocal is more than just a HashTag or Slogan... it's almost a symbol of solidarity in the current COVID consumer marketplace. 


Here are ways we can all make the most of #ShopLocal:

Communicate with Your Local, Loyal Customers

Firstly, The need to improve communication. One valuable opportunity is to update opening hours and safety set up across all your platforms. Current information shown everywhere your Business is customer-facing, including:

  • Physical storefront
  • Website
  • Google My Business
  • Social media

 Doorstep Pickup and Home Delivery 

To meet physical distancing protocols and to provide your customers peace of mind, setting up a doorstop pickup and home delivery services where possible.  Retailers of all descriptions can creatively work with customers both online and in-person to meet their needs. We will be more than happy to arrange delivery of any items purchased over the phone or via the website. Get in touch to find out more.

Partner With Other Local Businesses

Consider other companies that your could pair or group with your product or service. What goes great with brand new nails? A brand new diamond ring. Find other local retailers and create promotional content together. 

This helps keep money in our local area and shows the wider Clarkston community that we all care for and are willing to invest in it. 


In general, we had a hard time at the height of lockdown, and we are still trying to get things back to where they were before then, but maybe some real positives can come from it?


We've been here since 1972, and we are fast approaching our 50th year in Business. Quite an accomplishment when you see it in writing actually.


Lets' #ShopLocal and help us (all Clarkston businesses) trade for another 50! For more information, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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Shopping Local. Shopping Safe.


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