Penguin Man proves romance is alive and well in Clarkston


We had the pleasure & delight of helping Andrew, the excited 'Groom to be'... Please read, enjoy, like and share their romantic story....

"I proposed to my wife, Amy at Edinburgh Zoo inside the penguin enclosure. It was amazing I can remember being on one knee in the snow, surrounded by penguins... blubbering like a baby begging her to marry me. I will never forget the look on her face as I opened the little box and it is not the kind of rock she was was a pebble. You know, just like how a penguin would propose to another penguin !

For her wedding present I contacted Hodgkinson the Jewellers to have the pebble made into a necklace which I presented to my wife during our speech, which immediately had her, the mother-in-law and most of our guests in floods of tears.

Hodgkinson's were an utter pleasure to deal with and Tracy provided me with sneaky text messages updating me on Norries progress on the piece. I was absolutely chuffed with the finished necklace as it was stunning and turned out better than I could ever have imagined. You're a bunch of diamonds and I will see you again." 
Andrew (The penguin man) MacLeod.

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Penguin Man proves romance is alive and well in Clarkston


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