Antique Jewellery and Hidden Treasures


Bonhams, the world famous Auction House, have recently said that the value of antique and period jewellery has increased by more than 80% in the past decade.

How many of us out there has a box, in a drawer, next to our bed that holds some of your very own old jewellery but most definitely contains some of your grandmother's or mother's necklace or rings? The numbers will be pretty high I'd imagine.

From a delicate chain or brooch to the seed pearl necklace or Sovereign ring that your old uncle once wore, there are hundreds of pieces, some more beautiful than others, hiding away in drawers, cupboards and attics all around the world. Many folks will be aware of these items and may bring them out as a discussion piece or to get that feeling of nostalgia for a moment. I'm sure lots of people make use of them and wear on the odd night out, but I'd wager that the majority of them are gathering dust - which is such a shame.

As much as I have started this post with the mention of 'value'... I actually want to touch more on the 'story' of those pieces of jewellery. Often the value of the item is of no real consequence as, technically, the emotional attachment to them can make them 'priceless' anyway.

So don't take this post and think 'How much money can I make by emptying the old dear's trinket box?' Take this post and go and find that trinket box and have a look at what's inside it. Pass on a story of one of your loved ones and how they enjoyed a particular piece of jewellery.

That is the REAL value of digging out your antique and period jewellery.

We currently have a small Vintage Jewellery Collection on show at the showroom. Please pop in and have a look. 

See you soon .

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